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Gemini Bridges

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Dirt Road; Shuttle Required


Gemini Bridges, a pair of natural rock spans; spectacular views of Behind the Rocks; and colorful rock formations.

13.5 miles

On Highway 313 at a point 0.9 mile west of the Mineral Bottom turnoff (12.6 miles west of the Utah 313/US191 junction).

The Gemini Bridges Trail is well known to local riders for its scenery and long descents. Starting from Utah313, the trail, except for the climb out of Little Canyon, is nearly all downhill back to Highway 191.

The first section of the trail is a rapid descent for 3.8 miles along a graded road through pinyon-juniper woodland. just after the road enters a huge open flat, turn right off the main road and go past an abandoned drill site (note the large metal post). Ride under a power line and descend into a wooded area where, after 0.9 mile, you will come to the intersection with the Four Arches Trail.

From the intersection of the Four Arches Trail and the Gemini Bridges Trail, continue to parallel the Bull Canyon system (on your right) until just before the end of the large open area. At this point, which is 0.6 mile from the Four Arches intersection, another trail crosses your route; go right at this intersection and then up over a low sandy hill and descend to the Gemini Bridges. The Gemini Bridges are located at the end of this spur which is about 0.2 mile long.

After viewing the bridges, return to the main trail. The next stretch of the trail winds through a wooded area and is mostly slickrock. After 1.4 miles, you rejoin the road that you left at the d rill pad. Go right and descend into Little Canyon. After 0.8 mile you will come to the intersection with the Bull Canyon Trail. Go left to stay on the Gemini Bridges Trail. Continue the descent into Little Canyon down a steep section of slickrock and loose dirt. At the bottom of the hill is the intersection with the Gold Bar Rim Trail. The Gemini Bridges trail goes left and crosses a large sandy wash. Ahead you will see Gooney Bird Rock. Beyond Gooney Bird Rock, the main trail continues its gradual ascent through Little Canyon. Much of this section is fairly sandy as the road keeps crossing the wash.

Near the head of the canyon, the road leaves the canyon bottom and climbs a fairly steep grade. The road then contours high above Highway 191. At this point, from your narrow perch on the road, you will have a spectacular view over Arches National Park. The road then quickly descends to the railroad tracks and Highway 191.

If you have left a vehicle here, then it is time to begin your shuttle. To avoid highway traffic in Moab Canyon, ride south on U.S. 191 for about 200 yards from the lower Gemini Bridges trailhead, then turn left onto a dirt road. Cross the yellow cattle guard and then follow the road to the right for a scenic ride through Moab Canyon that ends about 1/2 mile North of the Arches National Park entrance road. Some riders prefer to ride back to Moab..